What is fealdeals.com?
Its a single page web site which grabs the latest deals from the most popular deal sites on the Internet including slickdeals.net, techbargains.com, and fatwallet.com.

Why was fealdeals.com created?
I got tired of visiting multiple deal web sites on an hourly basis. I wanted to create a single web page to view all of my deals all at once.

Why is the site named "fealdeals"?
I wanted something catchy and that rhymed with "deal". I went through the entire alphabet to find a letter to precede 'eal' excluding the ones that weren't in the dictionary. Then narrowed down the list to find that most of them were already registered as a domain name. (ie. realdeal, zealdeal, etc.) All that was left was feal. According to dictionary.com, feal means Faithful; loyal. Usually bargain hunters like myself are very faithful and loyal to certain bargain sites because the sites (and the deals) have to be trustworthy, credible, and accurate. And the sites that I have chosen are exactly that.

How can we support the site?
Im glad you asked. I pay for the web and domain hosting out of my own pocket. All that I ask in return is to at least break even.
There are three ways you can help: Donate - Click on the Paypal Donate icon to donate. Google Ads - Click on any of the Google ads. Even if you arent interested in the ad, just click it anyways. I think I get a couple of cents per click. Feedback - I would love to hear any feedback from you, good or bad.

Why are some links bold?
Those are today's deals.

How is fealdeals.com more efficient than visiting the deal sites individually?
There are many reasons. Here are a few: You only have to visit 1 site vs 4 sites. All of the deal sites have ads, pictures, and other extra information that are distracting and prevent you finding the deal that you are interested in. This produces lots of clicking, scrolling down the page, and navigating from page to page. fealdeals will automatically refresh every hour, so you can just leave the page up all day without worrying about it being outdated.

Can I add fealdeals.com directly on my Windows XP computer desktop?
You sure can. And the refresh still works. Here's how: Right click on your desktop and select properties. Select the "Desktop" tab. Click on "Customize Desktop..." Select the "Web" tab. Click on "New..." Add "http://www.fealdeals.com/" Click OK Make sure "Deals" is now checked and highlighted then press "Synchronize". Then close all of the windows by clicking OK.

Who can I contact for questions or comments?
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